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Chicago Stompworks Fat Bald Guy - Big Muff Clone


Fuzz pedal clone


Handwired Prescription Electronics Experience Clone Honey Wheat Yellow


Hotcake Styled DIY Clone w/Socketed LM386 Chip - NICE


Schaller Tuners Gold TK-7840-002 (Grover Rotomatic clones) Made in Germany!


Joyo R-03 Uzi Distortion Friedman BE-OD Clone


Germanium Treble Booster (Dallas Rangemaster Clone) NOS Mullard OC75 germanium


Doom Bloom -Fuzzhugger "clone"


ZVEX SHO clone boost pedal


electro harmonix bass clone!


clone amp head.


Vox V846 Clyde McCoy Wah Clone, Mullard Tropical Fish, True Bypass, Analog


Hand Wired Russian Made OCD Clone


Partscaster Stratocaster Sunburst Road Worn CLONE 70's Style


Joyo R-02 Taichi Overdrive Zendrive Clone


Golden Pearl overdrive -clone-


Skullytone FX Clone War Analog Chorus MN3007 BBD Chip 


Handwired Prescription Electronics Experience Clone Green Apple Sparkle


Jordan Bosstone Clone Fuzz


5F1 style combo amplifier Champ Clone


'66 Vox Tonebender Fuzz clone, Germanium PNP true bypass, analog, bias


Dunwich Amplification Cthulu Custom Doom Fuzz Face Clone Mod


MAM mb33 rare German tb303 clone analog


TC Helicon/TC Electronics Switch 3 Clone - Handmade In The USA


BEST OFFER Tweed Champ Clone Handwired - Sound Clip


Chambers hand-wired Vibro Baby (Vibro Champ Clone) with 10" Speaker


'66 Arbiter Fuzz Face clone Mullard Germanium PNP, true bypass, analog


Cosmic Delay+ DS1 Distortion Clone




68pedals King Of Clone Overdrive KOT King Of Tone


electro-harmonix SMALL CLONE EH 4600 FULL-CHORUS Guitar Effect Pedal Made in UAA


Steel Panther Pussy Melter Clone 


Marshall JCM 800 2204 CLONE Groove Tubes BIASED! Now With Youtube Sample Clip!