* December 10, 2013: Hunts Point Buisinesses Stand with the SBRWA and    

           Assemblyman Marcos Crespos to Call for Direct-Access Ramps to Hunts   

           Point; Bronx News 12; NY Daily News; Streetsblog; Hunts Point Express.

          * December 10, 2013: City TIGER Report Calls for Direct-Access Ramps to Hunts  

            Point and for Access to Bronx River; Untapped Cities blog; Bronx News 12.


         * July 17, 2013: "Study of Sheridan Expressway Concludes; South Bronx Groups Call 

           for Action", CNU blog.


         * July 11, 2013: "Sheridan Foes Hope to Fix the Road They Couldn't Kill", City    

           Limits/BX Bureau.

         * June 26 & 27, 2013: City Tiger Study Final Recomendations for the   

           Sheridan Expressway and Hunts Point Peninsula;StreetsBlog; Crain's; DNA Info; Bronx

           Times; News 12 Bronx; Hunts Point Express;

        * June 25, 2013: "City Backs Sheridan Slow Down", NY Daily News.

        * May 22 and 23, 2013: DNA Info; NY Daily News; Hunts Point Express; Streetsblog;

          El Diario de la Prensa; WNYC (blog).

        * May 17, 2013: "City Gets Closer to Revealing Vision for Sheridan Expressway", NY  

          Daily News.

        * March 15, 2013:  "Sheridan Alternatives Offer Hope for Surface Road in Place of

          Expressway", Streetsblog.


       *  March 11, 2013  David Shuffler (of Alliance member group YMPJ) and   

          Elena Conte (of Alliance member group Pratt Center) talk about Sheridan

          issues on Bronx Talk.

  • Oct 15th, 2010 Congressman Serrano Announces $1.5 million grant will fund the creation of a vision plan for the Sheridan Expressway and Hunts Point area (Congressman Serrano's Press Release)
    • “These two grants are fulfilling deep transportation and planning needs in our community,” said Serrano. “Meanwhile, the creation of a vision plan that addresses the current and future needs of our community in the Hunts Point area and the Sheridan Expressway is of vital importance. We are eager to remake this area into a livable, walkable and green section of our community, and this is the first step towards achieving that goal. I am encouraged that this grant specifically states that this ‘City-led, multi-agency, holistic planning process will be designed to respond to the needs and goals of the business and residential communities in the area.’ This is precisely the process that all planning in our borough must undergo as we work to right the development and planning wrongs of many decades.”
  • Oct 20th , 2010 End of Sheridan: The Great Highway Unbuilders of the Bronx  (Capital New York) Katherine Jose writes about SBRWA's work to replace the Sheridan with a community development plan, and also discusses the TIGER II grant recieved by the city to create a neighborhood development plan based on SBRWA's Community Plan.

                + SBRWA Press Statement

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