Sheridan Lands/Community Visions

The Sheridan Lands/Community Visions Sessions were a series of meetings with community leaders to envision new and productive uses for the 28 acres of land currently occupied by the Sheridan Expressway. The sessions took place throughout the winter and spring of 2006 and resulted in five comprehensive Draft Documents describing an inspiring future for the Sheridan Lands.

Draft Documents

View the Draft Documents from the Sheridan Lands/Community Visions Sessions by clicking on the links below.

Draft Principles for the Redevelopment of the Sheridan Lands

Circulation and Transportation Map

Housing on the Sheridan Footprint

Proposed Land and Building Use

Typical Floor Plan for Sheridan Housing Units


             A rendering of new uses for the Sheridan Lands based on the Community Visions Process

Community Visions Sessions 2006 Timeline

Click on links (in green) to read notes from each Session.

Session 1: February 16, 2006-presentation of basic land use & demographic information and brainstorming of issues

Session 2: March 14, 2006-physical opportunities & site constraints; connections to surrounding streets, transportation, & other locations

Session 3: March 30, 2006-‘Housing 101’ – physical types of housing, density, brainstorming of other essential land use

Session 4: April 11, 2006-‘Housing 201’ – affordability and forms of ownership, more development of site plan to show green space & circulation

Session 5: May 9, 2006-first draft of complete plan for feedback and discussion of next steps

Thank you to all who participated!