The Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance (SBRWA) is a collaboration of

community-based organizations and city-wide organizations whose mission is to:

  • transform the Sheridan Expressway and create housing, open space, businesses, and jobs in its footprint
  • create efficient and safe truck access to the Hunts Point Peninsula in a manner that benefits the health            of local residents and the economy of the Bronx

The Alliance is comprised of the following organizations:

Nos Quedamos ~ Youth Ministries for Peace & Justice ~ Sustainable South Bronx ~ Mothers On the Move

The Point CDC ~ Tri State Transportation Campaign ~ Pratt Center


January 30 , 2014

SBRWA Agenda Gains

Traction at State Hearing!

On Thursday, Assemblyman Marcos Crespo participated in a joint legislative budget hearing that focused on transportation issues.  In this video, the Assemblyman explains to NYSDOT Commissioner Joan McDonald the economic and community health benefits of building direct ramps to Hunts Point as well as the need to build crosswalks across the Sheridan for greater access to Starlight Park and the Bronx River.  CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO

December 10, 2013t

Build Them Now!

Bronx Business and Community Groups United

in Call for Ramps from the Bruckner to Hunts Point


                                                                                                   photo by JOEY SCARBOROUGH/NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

                         Assemlyman Marcos Crespo (Left) and Kellie Terry Sepulveda of The Point CDC (Right) address the crowd

Hunts Point businesses and South Bronx community groups held a press conference calling on Governor Andrew Cuomo to move forward with the construction of direct access ramps from the Bruckner Expressway to the Hunts Point peninsula. The peninsula is home to the Hunts Point Food Distribution Center and hundreds of other businesses. With no direct connection to any highway, the 15,000 daily truck trips associated with these businesses must use neighborhood streets to enter and exit the peninsula, causing health and safety issues for residents, aggravation for truck drivers and lost productivity for local businesses. The seven groups comprising the Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance called the press conference and were joined by representatives of Jetro Cash and Carry, Down East Seafood, Il Forno Bakery, Baldor Specialty Foods and Assemblyman Marcos Crespo.


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June 27, 2013

City Concludes Two-Year, $1.5 Million Study of

Sheridan Expressway Corridor

SBRWA Calls for Action


Coinciding with the official conclusion of a two-year, $1.5 million Sheridan Expressway-Hunts Point Land Use Study, SBRWA was joined by elected officials and other community groups in calling for action to address dangerous neighborhood conditions. TO READ THE PRESS RELEASE CLICK HERE

The City's final recommendations were revealed by several city agencies during a public meeting on Tuesday, June 25th. The recommendations build on and include various aspects of a SBRWA's Community Plan including:

* direct access from the Bruckner Expressway to the Hunts Point Peninsula

* creation of developable land in the Sheridan footprint

* closure of at least two Sheridan ramps

extensive pedestrian improvements including safer access to Starlight Park and the Bronx River

* the re-routing of trucks off of local streets.

If implemented these actions will take thousands of trucks off of local streets, increase pedestrian safety, create better access to our parks and the Bronx River and create the potential for affordable housing and local economic development.

The City's recommendations aren't all that we need but they are a strong foundation on which to build.  We are encouraged to see so many pieces of our vision incorporated into the recommendations and are committed now more than ever to work to fully realize our vision for environmental justice


Next Stop: STATE!

The next step toward implementing these recommendations is to secure a commitment by the State Department of Transportation to complete an environmental review.  Equally important is political support from the incoming mayoral administration to see that the process continues to move forward.



“Our neighborhoods have long endured some of the highest asthma rates in the country and are plagued by dangerous local streets. The status quo is completely unacceptable,” said Kellie Terry-Sepulveda of SBRWA member organization The Point CDC. .


“The State must capitalize on the two years of engagement from community stakeholders, City agencies and elected officials and take a step forward to create transformative change in the Sheridan corridor. The environmental and economic health of South Bronx communities is at stake,” said Vincent Pellecchia of SBRWA member organization Tri-State Transportation Campaign.

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June 20, 2013

Last Sheridan TIGER Meeting!

Tuesday, June 25th*
6:00 -- 8:00pm

at The Cinema School (Monroe Campus)
1551 E 172nd St, Bronx, NY (at Manor Ave)



On Tuesday the City will hold it's final public meeting and present proposals for the Sheridan Expressway and our communities. This meeting will signal the end of the federally-funded "TIGER" study -- and the beginning of the push to get transformative changes for the Sheridan and Hunts Point implemented!! The Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance urges all to attend! Come see what parts of the Community Plan the City is recommending, as well as where their recommendations fall short.



...have you filled out the City's survey about the Sheridan?!

The Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance urges you to express YOUR priorities for the Sheridan and YOUR opinion of the study process. To fill out the survey CLICK HERE. To read the SBRWA's response to the City's recommendations CLICK HERE.

See you on Tuesday!!!

* originally this meeting was scheduled for 6/20

June 12, 2013

We Have One Week Left!  Let The City Know Your Opinion!!

On June 25, 2013, the City will release it's "final recommendations" for the future of the Sheridan and our communities.

The Department of City Planning has put up a "feedback form" on their website about their "draft recommendations". Although these surveys have their limitations, The Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance urges you to express YOUR priorities for the Sheridan and YOUR opinion of the study process. To fill out the survey
CLICK HERE or cut and paste this address into your web browser:

The City has put forward three scenarios for the future of the Sheridan. While we do not think that any of the scenarios goes far enough to address the critical issues facing our communities, the Alliance has taken the position that, out of the three, the "MODIFY COMBINED" scenario is the best first step toward the transformative justice that we all want to see. (to read SBRWA's response to the City's recommendations, CLICK HERE)

Of the three scenarios, Modify Combined allows for the greatest potential for affordable housing, local jobs, and new green space. Modify Combined would create three crossings over the Sheridan to Starlight park. Modify Combined would close two Sheridan ramps and build new ramps from the Bruckner into Hunts Point, keeping trucks off local streets.

A "Modify Separated" scenario would do some of these things but leave less space for housing, jobs and green space. A "Retain" scenario would leave the Sheridan as it is -- UNACCEPTABLE!

The Alliance does not endorse Modify Combined as the final outcome for the Sheridan Expressway. The City's recommendations are just that -- recommendations. But it can show the State that this is the direction we are going and begin the transformation from the current blighted highway system to better land uses that benefit our communities. 

Let's make sure the City knows that Modify Combined is the very LEAST we will accept!!

May 22nd, 2013

South Bronx Communities Respond to

City Proposals for Sheridan Expressway

Call on City and State to Take Action

South Bronx residents and community groups gathered at the intersection of Westchester and Whitlock Avenues to call for action to address dangerous neighborhood conditions and to present their response to City proposals for the Sheridan Expressway. Residents of the predominantly low-income, communities of color along the Expressway have long organized for comprehensive action in the area, citing dangerous streets, poor air quality, divided neighborhoods and inefficient roadways. 

The event, called by the Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance (SBRWA), comes one day after a public meeting where the City’s inter-agency team presented draft recommendations for the future of the Sheridan Expressway and the surrounding neighborhoods, as part of a  two-year, $1.5 million study that will culminate with final recommendations released in June.


Read the Full Press Release                                           Read SBRWA's Statement on City's Draft Recommendations

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March 12th, 2013

SBRWA on Bronx Talk!

Did you catch SBRWA members Elena Conte (Pratt Center) and David Shuffler (Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice) on Bronx Talk cable TV show?  The whole show can be viewed by CLICKING HERE.


December 5th, 2012

Residents Come Together for Community Town Hall

Battle for Future of Sheridan Expressway Continues

Over 100 South Bronx residents converged at the “Sheridan Town Hall” at Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School on December 5th.  The meeting kicked-off the next phase in the campaign to radically trans-form the Sheridan Expressway corridor from a divided neighborhood

with an underused highway in a dysfunctional transportation network

to a safe, healthy, thriving neighborhood that exemplifies social and environmental justice.

To read the our press release CLICK HERE. To read a piece by StreetsBlog on the Town Hall CLICK HERE.

June 8th, 2011

Is removing the Sheridan Expressway SBRWA's only goal?

Absolutely Not!

As community advocates, the economic development of the Bronx is among our top concerns, and we want the Hunts Point Market businesses to stay and thrive in Hunts Point. We believe that industry and residents can coexist in a more mutually beneficial way, and that is what we are working towards.

The poor design of the existing highway network costs Bronx businesses time and money, and undermines the health and safety of residents and workers alike. In the absence of any better highway connection, we know that many businesses now rely on the Sheridan, even though this requires them to drive through congested local streets to reach it.

To solve these problems, we are advocating for the following changes that will improve the highway infrastructure of the Bronx:


  • The Community Plan calls for a new interchange at Oak Point Avenue that would allow direct access to the Hunts Point peninsula to and from the Bruckner Expressway in all 4 directions.  This solution helps business by providing faster access to the industrial part of Hunts Point, and helps residents by keeping trucks off of local streets.  These are solutions that everyone can get behind. 
  • We are also calling for a fix to the George Washington Bridge and Major Deegan Expressway interchange so that trucks may easily travel from one to the other, and then connect to the Bruckner and access the Hunts Point peninsula directly via the new Oak Point ramps. 


  • Finally, we are proposing that the Bruckner Expressway elevated viaduct be extended across the Bronx River, removing the existing dangerous and congested interchange between the Sheridan and the Bruckner  that now blights our neighborhood’s commercial and transit hub, and enables local streets to be reconnected at Bruckner Boulevard.  


We are aware that each business will experience different impacts, but on the whole, we believe that the benefits of this plan outweigh its disadvantages for the community as a whole. We look forward to continuing these conversations with any and all people, businesses or residents, who are interested.  We can be reached online at, or by calling 718-328-5622, extension 11.

Interchange at Oak Point Ave that will allow direct access to Hunts Point peninsula and keep trucks off local streets

Key points of the Bronx highway network that could be modified and improved to permit the removal of the Sheridan Expressway

May 24th, 2011

City Launches Website for Sheridan Expressway-Hunts Point Land Use and Transportation Study (SEHP)
click here to visit it


The ‘Sheridan Expressway-Hunts Point Land Use and Transportation Study’ (SEHP) is an study being conducted by New York City of the Sheridan Expressway and surrounding highway network. The Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance will be working closely with the city in the Community Working Group to ensure that the Community Plan to redevelop the Sheridan Expressway and improve access to Hunts Point is prioritized.

Since 2001, the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) has been studying the Sheridan Expessway and its inefficient interchanges. Because of the hard work of community residents and the Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance, NYSDOT has considered removing the Sheridan. NYSDOT did not include our plan to replace the Sheridan with housing, parks, and commercial space, but New York City's SEHP will address these aspects our the Community Plan.

Through the SEHP study, the City will engage community stakeholders in a visioning process to plan for the area’s future.  The study will allow the City to collect additional information about transportation, specifically truck access to the Hunts Point peninsula, and expand transportation analysis to include the broader highway network in the South Bronx.

Stay tuned for more information on community events through the SEHP webpage. Please share your comments/questions online through the Public Participation page and subscribe to an RSS feed for this webpage to receive notices of webpage updates.

For more information please contact us.



Thank you for a successful townhall on February 15th, 2011!

Residents of all the neighborhoods surrounding the Sheridan attended and shared their concerns with the Sheridan removal project, discussed ideas of what we can replace the highway with, and built relationships with other residents and local organizations. Numerous community organizations, political representatives, business interests and local school representatives were also in attendance. For those that couldn't make it, please keep in touch with the campaign through our mailing list and look out for events about the Sheridan Expressway through this website. Please check out our follow-up newsletter from the townhall to find out more information. If you have additional questions, please feel free

to call us at 718.328.5622 x16,

email us at


Timothy Holmes from Youth Ministries for Peace and Justice discussing the Sheridan redevelopment project with

Crotona Park East residents

Kellie Terry-Sepulveda from The Point CDC

facilitating the February 15th townhall meeting

New York State Dept. of Transportation's Traffic Study Based on Flawed Data

Last spring, the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) presented the computerized model they used to compare the potential impact on existing streets and roadways of keeping the Sheridan Expressway versus removing it. NYSDOT concluded that their model showed an increase in traffic if the Sheridan Expressway was removed. However, an independed technical consultant, Smart Mobility, hired by the Southern Bronx River Watershed Alliance found NYSDOT's modeling to be flawed and to contain many errors.

Smart Mobility found the following problems with NYSDOT's model:

  • the model contains factual errors such as incorrect traffic counts
  • their numbers are flawed since htey assume that traffic will increase city-wide by 2030 to levers that are impossible within the limits of street space, and that are unlikely due to declining driving trends
  • they overestimate truck volumes by as much as 110%
  • NYSDOT's model is not designed to measure local traffic impacts

Independent experts agree - NYSDOT's model has too many flaws to determine the Sheridan's future!

Please read the full report here: NYSDOT Traffic Study of Sheridan Based on Flawed Data



 Congressman Serrano announces $1.5 million grant will fund the creation of a vision plan for the Sheridan Expressway and Hunts Point area (Congressman Serrano's Press Release)


Congressman Jose E. Serrano supports TIGER II grant to plan the redesign of the Sheridan


"The TIGER II grant is fulfilling deep transportation and planning needs in our community,” said Serrano. “Meanwhile, the creation of a vision plan that addresses the current and future needs of our community in the Hunts Point area and the Sheridan Expressway is of vital importance. We are eager to remake this area into a livable, walkable and green section of our community, and this is the first step towards achieving that goal. I am encouraged that this grant specifically states that this ‘City-led, multi-agency, holistic planning process will be designed to respond to the needs and goals of the business and residential communities in the area.’ This is precisely the process that all planning in our borough must undergo as we work to right the development and planning wrongs of many decades.”


The Alliance Stands on the Sheridan!

On Wednesday, July 15 2009 at 5.30 pm, the Alliance took a group photo on the Sheridan Expressway. The photograph was a repeat of a photograph taken nine years ago, and showed that at rush hour, there is still little traffic on the Sheridan. The traffic on the Sheridan is also cars commuting from Manhattan to the North Bronx and Westchester, not trucks. These cars could use the Bronx River Parkway if the Sheridan were taken down.

SBRWA is committed to envisioning and realizing a new future of the communities along the southern reaches of the Bronx River. Our neighborhoods are saturated with junkyards, waste transfer stations, brownfields, and truck-dependent wholesale markets that pollute our air, water, and soil. In the 1950s, Robert Moses built five major national highways in the Bronx without any thought to the people who lived there. As a result, for decades the Bronx has been a place that people drive through to get somewhere else. This legacy of economic and environmental injustice is what the Bronx has inherited, and our vision is to re-create the healthy environment, robust economy, efficient transportation network, and diverse community that used to exist here; all based around the Bronx River which is an ecological, economic, and social asset that should be enjoyed by all. Welcome to the Southern Bronx River Watershed!

DId you ever think you could sit on a highway

during rush hour? You can on the Sheridan!

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